Fully Aligned With You

Reinventing The Industry

For too long our industry has focused on earning money by taking a percentage of each client's account. It's for this reason most financial firms prioritize working with the wealthiest clients.

Axos Invest has reinvented the industry with a simple premise: focus on each client's financial future rather than the current size of their wallet. This ensures our interests are always aligned with yours.

How We Make Money

We are the world's only financial firm to solely earn money from a la carté products and services designed to provide personalized value to our clients. As an Axos Invest client you have the freedom to opt into our paid services as you wish. No longer will clients be forced to pay fees for services they can't or don't want to use.

How We Won't Make Money

We will never earn money by selling our clients' personal information, receiving kickbacks/commissions for recommending investment funds, or showing annoying ads. Just because our service is free doesn't mean we're unprofessional.

More Than Free

A magical thing happens when you don't charge fees – the freedom to focus each decision on what is best for your clients. Since all our recommendations are designed to maximize your wealth rather than maximize our fees, we can manage your money in the most effective way possible.